Incorporating the 2008 WHO lymphoma classification
       (An up-graded WHO should come out in 2017--stay tuned!)

     •  How to use this tutorial

Benign Lymph Nodes
     • Normal lymph nodes
     • Specific reactions

Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas
     • Overview of lymphomas
     • Lymphoma classification
     • Immunophenotyping
     • B-cell lymphomas
           ‐  Low grade diffuse
‣ small lymphocytic
‣ lymphoplasmactyic
‣ marginal zone

Non-Hodgkin cont'd
           ‐  Mantle cell
           ‐  Follicular
           ‐  Diffuse large and "double hit"
           ‐  High grade: lymphoblastic and Burkitt
     • T-cell lymphomas

Hodgkin Lymphoma
     • Overview of HL
     • Types of HL

Plasma Cell Neoplasms
     • Types of disease

If You Have Lymphoma:   This site may be able to provide you with useful information. It is, however, primarily oriented to teaching medical professionals and interested lay people about the biology and diagnosis of lymphoma. Other sites are more geared toward telling people with lymphoma about the treatment and other aspects of their disease.

Other Resources:   Many other sites devoted to hematopathology and general pathology beckon the intrepid voyager. There are also many excellent books about hematological neoplasia.

Disclaimer:   This site contains information that may help physicians and other health professionals understand lymphomas. It is not comprehensive and is likely not to contain information that may be important in treating individual patients. Patients with lymphomas must be cared for by qualified professionals familiar with the relevant clinical histories.

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